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The history of Shorinji Kempo in The Netherlands goes back to 1983, when Hiromi Tojo Sensei established the first branch in Amsterdam.


Tojo Sensei studied Shorinji Kempo in Japan under the guidance of Uchiyama Sensei (9th dan) and he obtained the rank of 4th dan before he moved to Europe and settled in the Netherlands. He then devoted himself to teaching Shorinji Kempo to many students for 36 years, aside his work as an TV and film actor.


He retired in October 2019 and his legacy is today kept alive within the 4 branches in Amsterdam, all led by senior kenshi from Tojo Sensei.


You can find information and training details of each branches on this site, on the "Training Shorinji Kempo in The Netherlands" page.

This mural painting in a Shaolin Monastery was an important source of inspiration for Doshin So